Structured UITs

Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) focused on delivering outcome-driven solutions. Structured investments that intend to (i) exclude ancillary risks – no bank/corporate credit risk, (ii) provide full transparency, (iii) have daily liquidity, and (iv) have assets priced institutionally.

Private Funds

Open-ended funds for certain qualified investors that give access to outcome-driven solutions or alternative strategies. Depending on the structure they can (i) deliver liquidity, transparency & institutional pricing, and (ii) allow for a funded access to strategies generally available via OTC derivatives.

Portfolio Protection/ Yield Enhancement

Value added portfolio strategies that can (i) protect against market downside (hedges), (ii) introduce yield enhancement, (iii) add uncorrelated alpha. Available only for certain qualified clients, the solutions focus on limiting some of the inefficiencies commonly found in other portfolio strategies.

Alaia Capital, Solutions


Alaia Capital’s independence is paramount to its value proposition. Free from any conflicts of interest or institutional structural biases, we are committed to delivering client-centric solutions with institutional-level pricing, transparency, and liquidity.

Alaia Capital, Solutions


Alaia Capital focuses on utilizing established delivery mechanisms in innovative ways to solve traditional investment product frictions. Alaia Capital targets solutions for broad delivery as well as customized for specific client needs.

Alaia Capital, Solutions


Define the target outcome for investments (return at maturity) while at the same time introduce risk mitigating features dampening potential losses. Alaia Capital aims to deliver portfolio construction tools that tailor the risk/return equation around target outcomes.

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